Special Tour of Deployed Resources

Our next meeting will be a special tour of Deployed Resources, at 6:30 PM Thursday, on October 22th. Rich Stapleton started Deployed Resources, a small Veteran Owned Business providing turnkey temporary facilities, products and business continuity solutions to the US Department of Defense, FEMA, States, Fortune 500 Companies and large scale music festivals throughout the United States.

Deployed Resources combines the talents from the engineering, construction, military and hospitality businesses. They have been involved in every major disaster since 2001, from 9/11 through Superstorm Sandy.  They are proud to serve the United States military in their training throughout the United States for 15 years and counting. They also provide business continuity solutions to companies such as Walgreens, DuPont, Chemours, DOW and LyondellBassel. Also, they provide critical potable water solutions to music lovers nationwide as they support 5 out of the top 10 Largest National Music Festivals annually.

Deployed Resources works off of a modular and scalable concept, their equipment and systems start small and can grow to accommodate any project and reduce accordingly as needed. They design and build their gear in Rome NY at the former Weapons Storage Area on Griffiss AFB where they convert shipping containers into reusable life support solutions.

An informal dinner is planned after the tour at La Roma on 600 Floyd Ave at 8 PM. The Tour is for Rome Academy Members and friends of the Rome Academy of Sciences only.

Please call or get in contact prior to Monday, October 19th if you plan to go on the tour and if you plan to join us at La Roma.

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